Русский Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem

Rejoice ye with Jerusalem, and be glad with her, all ye that love her! (Is.66:10)

Moscow Patriarchate

Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem

Advice for Pilgrims

Advice for Pilgrims

Your pilgrimage begins at the airport - Employees of airlines (both in Russia and in Israel) may ask you a wide variety and unexpected questions. Respond calmly and without irritation, do not attempt to be ironic or talk on abstract themes.
Shoes - Shoes should be comfortable, and preferably not new. Bring a spare shoes (boots, shoes) and slippers, you may also need band-aids (long walks in new shoes can rub your feet).
Clothing - Your stay in the Holy Land will be pretty intense ,so there will be no much time for washing, drying and ironing clothes therefore, give preference to wrinkle-resistant and comfortable clothes. In autumn and winter do not forget an umbrella. It is advisable to bring a towel and rubber slippers, as well as sunglasses and moisturize cream

 For visits in the churches you are asked to dress appropriately: you are not allowed to enter the temple wearing shorts and too open dresses, knees and shoulders must be covered.

Souvenirs - Usually bought by pilgrims:
- 33 candles connected in a bun, symbolizing the number of years of Christ;
- Oil from the Holy Sepulcher,
- Water of the Jordan river,
- Wine from Cannes Galilee,
- A small wooden cross, which the pilgrims hold while are on the Way of the Cross,
- Icons, incense.
Bathing in the Jordan River  - It is necessary to have a special shirt with long sleeves, you can take one from home or buy one in the Holy Land. Under the shirt it is better to wear a swimsuit: white cloth becomes transparent when wet.

Service - Almost all the churches in the Holy Land receive donations for the note (for the health or repose) in an amount of at least 1 USD.
For saving time - you are kindly requested to prepare all the notes in advance. The notes should be up to 10 names.