Русский Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem

Rejoice ye with Jerusalem, and be glad with her, all ye that love her! (Is.66:10)

Moscow Patriarchate

Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem

Commemorations in the temples of the Mission

Commemoration in the Holy Trinity Cathedral and in the Gorny Convent

Can be ordered by e-mail

Remember, to this e-mail address you should give notice that the payment has been made, indicating the date, number of your purse (or transactions) and purpose (health / repose, period of commemoration, place, and names).

Calculation for donations:

  • One year commemoration (one name) – 50 USD
  • Six months commemoration (one name) – 25 USD
  • 40 days commemoration (one name) – 13 USD
  • Commemoration of repose for Lent (10 names) – 12 USD
  • Preface (10 names) – 3 USD
  • Moleben (5 names) – 5 USD
  • Requiem (5 names) – 15 USD
  • Lithia (5 names) – 3 USD
  • Regular note (10 names) – 1 USD
  • Psalter (1 name) for a year – 50 USD
  • Psalter (1 name) for six months – 25 USD
  • Psalter (1 name) for 40 days – 13 USD
  • Burial service (distance service) - donation.

Residents of Israel may order in addition:  Blessing of apartments, cars or sacrament of the sick at home.

Donation for the commemoration

It can be done in three ways described below.

In the line "Payment" please write:  "Commemoration of health" or "Commemoration of repose."

In the line "Comments" - mention details (the period of commemoration, the name of the temple, and the names in the genitive case), for example: "The liturgy at the Holy Trinity Cathedral - Peter, Galina ...", "Year of the Holy Trinity Cathedral - Mary, Igor ..." or "Prayers in Gorny Convent - Irene, Paul ... ".

Method number 1

Method number 2

Bank Hapoalim, Branch 690, Jerusalem, ISRAEL
IBAN: IL94-0126-9000-0000-0353-431
Account No. 353431

Method number 3